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SHANGO: Center for the Study of African-American Art and Culture

SHANGO is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, that offers art education and workshops to at-risk students and aspiring individuals in the Dayton area. It was founded by Willis "Bing" Davis, and influential artist and teacher of teh African American Art community. Shango is designed to provide arat and cultural experiances to enhance the understanding and appreciation of African American art and culture. Through traditional and innovative workshops, camps, exhibitions, lectures, and symposiums, Shango reinforces the relationship between visual arts and other artistic and cultural expressions.

Shango strives to continue its mission through offering volunteer opportunities to those in teh Greater Dayton community. Volunteer support is fundamental to Shango's success. In working beside Bing Davis, volunteers will be given the chance to gain artistic and cultural perspectives, while contributing their unique views and efforts for Shango's benefit.



Volunteer Shango Volunteer Opportunities (PDF)

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